Our Services

Survey & Audits

​We provide expert engineers for wireless survey, voice survey, and cabling survey as well as audits for on-site devices, racks, AP, CCTV cameras, PBX exchanges, telephones, etc.

Server Support

We provide configuration and managing of servers of different operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, including installing, fixing issues, and upgrading while implementing enhancements to improve performance and reliability. We also design, implement, and manage enterprise system technologies. This also includes replacement of server hardware like battery, cache, controller, storages, power supply, fan, etc.

Desk-Side Support

System support specialists troubleshoot hardware problems and find fixes for them. This work involves computers, phones, safes, printers, and all digital systems connected to the network. In addition to handling hardware, system support specialists also test software programs for defects and bugs. Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers, and scanners, monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks, responding in a timely manner to service issues and requests, providing technical support across the company (this may be in person or over the phone), setting up accounts for new users, repairing and replacing equipment as necessary, testing new technology, and possibly training junior staff members.

Data Center Support

We provide on-site data center hardware and troubleshooting service. For off-site support, our highly qualified centralized IT remote support team will ensure your success. We provide the following data center services: hardware & software installation for server racks/stacks & configurations and decommissioning of UPS-installations.

Infrastructure and Services

​Consulting, planing, sales, delivery, installation, and maintaining of national and international infrastructure (for example servers, storages, etc.) as well as client (for example notebooks, desktops, tablets, etc.) projects. Based on our huge experience, great vendor partnerships, and a unique global delivery model with our long term logistics partner, we as LAN IT GmbH are able to deliver combined infrastructure and/or client solutions (hardware purchasing, fostering shopping baskets, shipping based on Incoterns 2000, installation, services, and management). We do so in Germany, Europe, and all over the world, simplifying and reducing operational processes and costs on customer side.

FTE Positions

​The most featured service at Lan IT GmbH is its Outsource IT resource service. If you have a vacancy for Full-time Engineers at your premises, we can provide you with responsible and professional engineers.